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    Tableau log throwing error but the TDE refresh is completing successfully

    Phani kumar V

      Hi folks,


      I am facing a strange situation while running a Tableau TDE refresh. We are using batch scripts to trigger  the TDE. When we trigger a job, after running for 60-80 minutes the Tableau log is showing the below error but in Tableau server I can see the TDE is getting refreshed successfully.


      Could you please help me to resolve this. TIA



      I have used the below command to trigger the TDE:


      echo ***********START TDE %Tableau_refresh_mode% Refresh %date%:%time%************ >> %log_full%



      echo tabcmd  refreshextracts  --project %project% --datasource  "abcd" >> %log_full%

      tabcmd  refreshextracts --synchronous --project %project% --datasource "abcd" >>%log_full% 2>&1

      tabcmd logout >>%log_full% 2>&1

      findstr /irc:"Finished.*abcd" %log_full% 

      if errorlevel 1 (

          echo ******Failed to refresh abcd data_%date%:%time%****** >>%log_full% 2>&1

      ) else (

          echo ******abcd data refresh completed successfuly_%date%:%time%****** >>%log_full% 2>&1 )