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    Ignore a filter in dual axis for one Measure only

    Patrick Burger



      I am trying to build a visualisation on the participation of events by users.

      In my data source, I have columns such as:

      UserRankVersionQuest Qualified
      Tableau Lunch & Learn


      Rank ATarget5
      Monday MakeoverNullRank ATarget10
      Wednesday WorkoutNullRank BTarget8
      Tableau Lunch & Learn

      User 01

      Monday MakeoverUser 01Actual2
      Tableau Lunch & LearnUser 02Actual1


      I am creating this chart below with a dual axis on:

      First one: target of events to achieve

      Second one: actual challenges achieved by user.


      Then I would like to filter the visualisation based on user without changing the targeted participation.

      My problem is I am not able to ignore the user filter on the first measure target of events to achieve

      Without filter I have:


      With a filter on a user, I am losing the targets (as there is no user in the fields in the data source)

      Without success I am doing:
         LOD Fixed {FIXED [Event (group)], [Rank]: SUM([Target]) }  

           Target being : IF [Version] = "Target" then [Quest qualified] END


      What do I miss ?


      Thanks a lot for your help,