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    Multiple Dimensions or Multiple Metrics?

    Charlotte Taft



      I’m trying to format my data (or give our data team instructions on how it needs to be modified) in order to use it to do time series financial analysis.


      Currently, when I connect to our DB, all the metrics (example: assets, loans, etc) are in one metric called “value” and split by dimensions: cycle (date), institution, and name. This makes it difficult to utilize separately. However, I’m not sure how to modify it (prior to Tableau in SQL or Prep, for instance) – or what best practice is. Its not the pivot that I thought it would be and I am stumped and hope someone has ideas!


      Attaching a workbook. When I download the same data from the front end of our current software, it comes through with the metrics as individual metrics – I believe this is what I want but would like to be certain that the hive mind agrees!!  Do I need to change anything or should I just work with this as-is? We have a lot more descriptive data about each metric I'll want to add (category, different date formats, etc)


      DB Data.png VERSUS    How we use it from the front end.png