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    Issues recreating Sample Superstore sankey chart

    Kathryn Burruss

      Hi Tableau Community,

      I am trying to create a sankey chart with my own data, and was thrilled to find the tutorial posted here. I had a lot of trouble getting this to work with my own data, after following step by step, re-checking my work, and starting over a number of times. To see where I was going wrong, I found the demo workbook posted on Tableau Public and tried to re-create, using all of the fields that were already in the workbook. Still no success... I'm probably missing something simple, as other people seem to have had success following step by step, but I'm at a loss for where I'm going wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Attached is the original .twbx from the author of the tutorial (with the beautiful sankey chart), and a second .twbx that has an additional sheet titled "Recreate" where I used all of the author's calculated fields and tried to re-create.


      Additionally, below are screenshots showing that the table calculations between both the original and my attempted recreation are the same.


      Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.04.10 PM.png