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    Tableau 2018.1.1 Crashes When Refreshing Extract

    Kimberly O'Brien

      When I try to refresh my dashboard extract in Tableau Desktop 2018.1.1, the program crashes and shuts down.


      Has anyone else had this issue or been able to resolve it?



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          Paul Wachtler

          Hi Kimberly,


          It may be crashing due to the datasource you're connecting to.  Before looking into that though, if you need to stay on 2018.1, you should at least update to the latest version, which is 2018.1.6.  Otherwise I'd recommend updating to 2018.3.  You can find links to all Tableau versions here:

          Tableau Desktop | Tableau Software


          That may fix the issue for you.  If not, look into whether you can extract any datasource, and if so, it may be that one datasource giving you issues (there may be a timeout rule in place, or something like that).