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    Help with LOD - Fixed to a specific value of the fixed field

    Bob Ngo

      Hi all, - I'm using Tableau version 2018.3


      Basically, I'm wanting to track differences in goal vs actual, with one column being the difference between a sum of a year total to the goal for that year, and then another column that shows the difference between the sum of the total for the year and a long term goal.

      Basically this:

      with the + 740 being the difference between the actual for 2018 and the final goal which happens in 2022 (4322).  I can get the yearly target difference easily enough,(sum(Actual) - sum(Goal)), but I'm having trouble getting the final target difference.  I feel that LOD is the way to get my subtrahend to be 4322.  So I went with this.


      {FIXED datepart('year',[Year]) = 2022:sum([Goal])}


      Which is getting me this:

      I swear I've gotten this to work in different settings, but for some reason my brain is frozen and I can't see what I'm doing wrong.  Any help would be appreciated.  If you could explain to me why I am getting 19,446 in the other years but not 2022 that would be awesome too.


      Thanks in advance!