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    Looking for Ideas on Visualizing Labor Hours

    ShivaRam Chennapragada



      I'm working on a project for Ops team to provide a Tableau dashboard that visualizes Scheduled v Forecasted v Actual Worked Hours of Associates. Data source is a table sitting on SQL Server. I have looked at few places in hope to find some inspiration but nothing seemed relevant. What I'm looking is if any of you have worked on similar projects or have some ideas, references please send it my way. This will be more of an Operational report than an Analytical/Insights based report. Dataset is small, with no complex measures (only measures are Scheduled Hours, Worked Hours, Forecasted Hours). The granularity is at Hour Level. Some use cases,

      1. Visualize combination of S  F v W hours. Something like this,


      2) How much an associate is averaging per week/month?

      3) How many hours are averaged by a particular job type?


      Any additional ideas, suggestions would be appreciated. Attached sample data.


      Thank you,