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    FIXED LOD (COUNTD) behavior with Hierarchy

    Sagar Kavitake

      Hi All,


      I have a FIXED LOD calculation but I expect it to change based on the hierarchy expansion.

      I have a hierarchy with two levels Name and Place.

      The Ids for Direct Ad|Trip1 and Direct Ad|Trip2 are same except one (68417298) highlighted below.



      Now, I want to get a DISTINCT count of ([Id]).


      1. At Name level, I wish to get it as 6.

      2. At Place level, I wish to get it as 6 for trip1 and 5 for trip2.


      I can get both these to work but separately


      #1 LOD Fixed by Name (Denominator)


      #2 LOD Fixed by Name & Place (Denominator)



      How can I accomplish both in a single calculation?