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    Filter and show data at year level but calculate the window sum for current & next year




      I am trying to show data for two different years one below the other. The problem here is, I've a window sum calculated field (which calculates next 4 months data) running background. When i filter the data at year level then in 2016 sheet the data of 2017 is not coming to calculate the window sum. Need some help solve this issue.


      Ex: Calculated field: window_sum(sum(profit,4,0))

      Sheet 2016 : I filtered the data for year 2016 then the above calculated field as to calculate the values from November 2016 to January 2017, but due to the year filter the data is restricted to December 2016. So No 2017 January data is coming. I want that to bring the required 2017 data to 2016 sheet.




      Attached the workbook and Thanks in advance.



      Ranga Reddy P