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    Error loading TabMon.config: Unrecognized attribute 'specifyPorts'

    Doug Erickson

      Trying to configure Tabmon to monitor remote hosts.   The host is 2018.2.2.  Used TabmonConfigBuilder to create the config file section shown below.


            <Host computerName="acme123" address="acme.server.com" specifyPorts="true">

              <ProcessType processName="dataserver">

                <Process portNumber="8424" processNumber="0"/>

                <Process portNumber="8393" processNumber="1"/>


              <ProcessType processName="vizql">

                <Process portNumber="8119" processNumber="0"/>

                <Process portNumber="8414" processNumber="1"/>


              <ProcessType processName="background job monitor">

                <Process portNumber="8543" processNumber="0"/>

                <Process portNumber="8638" processNumber="1"/>


              <ProcessType processName="vizportal">

                <Process portNumber="8377" processNumber="0"/>




      When I start the service, the log shows this error. 


      2018-11-08 12:42:17,231 [5] INFO TabMon.Config.TabMonConfigReader - Loading TabMon user configuration..

      2018-11-08 12:42:17,278 [5] FATAL TabMon.Config.TabMonConfigReader - Error loading TabMon.config: Unrecognized attribute 'specifyPorts'. Note that attribute names are case-sensitive. (C:\Program Files (x86)\TabMon\Config\TabMon.config line 11))


      Any ideas what may be causing this ?