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    Change disk where Tableau is installed and upgrade...steps to follow


      I have the following software installed on disk C of a server:

      • Tableau desktop 10.5
      • Tableau Server 10.5
      • Tableau Prep 2018.1


      As I decided to move everything on disk D of the same server, I would seize the opportunity to allineate everything to version 2018.3 and to change the user generation from local users to Windows Active Directory.

      An important fact is that the server is nou usually connected to the web so after the installation of Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop I have used the off-line activation (with .tlf and .tlq files).


      1. Download all the workbook, dashboards, publiushed data sourced and save locally (backup)
      2. Uninstall Tableau Prep 2018.1 from Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
      3. Uninstall Tableau 10.5 Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
      4. Uninstall Tableau Server 10.5 form Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
      5. Install Tableau Server 2018.3 and configure the Windows Active Directory
      6. Install Tabcmd 2018.3 (actually I don't have it on my server)
      7. Install Tableau Desktop 2018.3
      8. Install Tableau Prep 2018.3


      I have the following questions:

      1. Are these the correct steps? or is there a better way?
      2. about the activation of the licence, can I use the .tlf and .tlq files that I have used when I installed the 10.5 version? or will I need to have an Internet connection on the server to activate the software?