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    Help with HR data, filtering people who left

    Jean-Francois Bonte

      Dear Tableau community,


      I have an issue that I can't solve. That does not usually happen as I always find a solution in the forums, on youtube, etc. Mostly it's because it has to do with the data itself, and that my brain can't quite grasp the "how" I can make this work.

      Please consider that I would like to solve the problem without changing the data format as it is used for other tools.


      The data comes from HR and shows the mouvement of people in the company. One line in the Excel source shows a change of position with several dates including a date showing if he left the company called "Sortie". The ID field is called "Mat.".

      Ex :

      Line 1 : Mr XYZ is hired, the date field "Sortie" shows 31.12.9999

      Line 2 : Mr XYZ has a promotion, the field "Sortie" shows 31.12.9999

      Line 3 : Mr XYZ has a new promotion, the field "Sortie" shows 31.12.9999

      Line 4 : Mr XYZ left the company, the field "Sortie" shows 30.06.2014


      If he was still in the company then the line 4 would simply not exist.

      If he left the company and got hired back we would have a new line: Line 5, Mr XYZ is hired again, the date field "Sortie" shows 31.12.9999. For example, see Matricule 80078 who left and got hired back.



      My question is very simple : how can I show who is still in the company, and who left ? The people who got hired back must appear in the list of people still in the company of course.


      You'll see that I have an Age Pyramid also that does not show the proper data because it takes all lines, and so considers people several times.

      I tried all ways that I know to filter this, or make Tableau only consider the right data, without success.


      Can you help ?





      PS : the data has been randomized, shorten, and scrambled a little bit. But it still presents a valid case.

      PS2 : Tableau 2018.2.3

      PS3 : corrected the extract previously attached