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    Unble to view total after remove state from country detail

    xiaohui moh


      I am new to Tableau.

      Base on Tutorial on how to create Map step 16, after I click minus on country to remove state, my map become all blank, no total show at all.

      Can anyone advise where goes wrong.Thanks a million


      16.On the Marks card, click the minus icon on the Country field to remove State from the level of detail.

      If you did not create a hierarchy, you can drag State from the view to remove it. You can remove any field by dragging it from the view.

      The states no longer appear on the map. Notice how the sum of sales has updated for the labels and in the tooltip? This is because custom territories aggregate at the level of the group, rather than separately for each location within the group. So the sum of sales your are seeing in the West Coast group, for example, are the total sales for California, Oregon, and Washington combined.