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    Filtering the data using cascading filters

    Pawan Kalyan

      Hi All,


      We have a requirement where I have report date, report date time, color code and volume columns in my data source..

      Please find the sample data for reference..


      Report DateReport Date timeUtilizationColor Code
      10/18/201810/18/2018 14:1191.36GREEN
      10/18/201810/18/2018 15:5847.75RED
      10/26/201810/26/2018 10:1838.85RED
      10/26/201810/26/2018 12:0869.83YELLOW
      10/26/201810/26/2018 15:4693.87



      Now I want the latest utilization value based on the latest report date time value and the color code associated with it.

      First need to filter the report on report date and then on report date time..


      Expected result here should be 93.9% in green color


      I have created a Calculated field MAX Date time with the below code and dragged it to filter shelf. But still not able to filter the data to the latest time stamp


      ATTR([Report Date time]) = MAX([Report Date time])



      Immediate help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.



      Pawan K