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    Different Scatter Plot Values

    Jordan Williams

      I have a problem where I want to have the "Pts (EPL)" dots to have information only relating to the EPL dataset and only information relating to the "Pts (LaLiga" dataset)" displaying. However, now it is displaying "Pts (LaLiga)" for "Pts (EPL)" etc. How do I fix this?


      Dataset: Results1617.xlsx - Google Drive

      Workbook: CA1.twb - Google Drive

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          Paul Wachtler

          Hi Jordan,


          The issue is that you need to union your two datasets together instead of joining them.  When you joined them, it's causing your data to have La Liga and EPL point values for every position.


          See the attached file I created.  I unioned the two data sets together.  Then, you can use the "Table Name" field on your color mark to color La Liga and EPL separately.  And since it's using a union, the correct points are related to the correct data position.


          I do see that you have several other worksheets in your original workbook.  Creating this union breaks those, so if you still need those in your workbook, I'd recommend copying and pasting the tab from my attached example into your original.  This will also bring in the unioned dataset that I created, while leaving the rest of your worksheets as they are.


          Let me know if you have any questions,.