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    Reconciliation - Many to Many

    Nathalie Demortain



      I need to reconcile finance data to operational data and highlight inconsistencies/differences within all fields.

      If I link the two table I should get something like this


      My objective: for each line item understanding what fields between Region/StoreID/quantity/Product/SKU are different from one table to the next and get a report that shows the differences, happy to have multiple reports if easier.


      So far I have a report based on Store ID to highlight:

      1. ID In Operation file not in the other

      2. In the Finance file and not in this other

      3. For existing ID's in both - show the variance

      Somehow with this dashboard showing 3 worksheets - my total doesn't even match my raw data for the Finance file as my operational file is the primary table...


      Question 1: It seems that the relationship between my primary table and secondary table is Many to One, therefore I am losing some data - Is there a way to show many to many ?

      Question 2: Any other suggestions than the "relationship"?

      Question 3: Any other recommendation on how to perform this reconciliation would be amazing! always keen to learn new tricks!