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    Title of the question with the lowest score

    Raoul Verhaegen

      Hi all,

      I need a little bit of help to analyse the results of a survey of blood donors on their last donation.


      So my file has 5 columns:

      1- a dimension that specifies whether the donor has answered the survey or not

      2- the score out of 10 that the donor has given (null if not answered)

      3- the venue code

      4- the donor's ID

      5- the title of the survey's question


      I have done 2 calculations :

      - the first one is the general score: it is the proportion of distinct donors that have given a score of 8 or higher to a question

          COUNTD(IF [Choice Text]>7 THEN [Donor ID] END)/COUNTD([Donor ID])


      - the second one is essentially the same, but by venue code:

      { INCLUDE [Code]: COUNTD(IF [Choice Text]>7 THEN [Donor ID] END)/COUNTD([Donor ID])}


      So there are 18 different questions that are asked for each venue, by each donor who has answered the question.


      What I need to do is figure out, for each venue, which question had the lowest score? This is going to be a nested LOD calculation and I've tried to get some inspiration from this thread, but it didn't work....


      Any help greatly appreciated