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    Problem with returning text string from filter data to describe graph

    Janice Ip

      So i want to create a text box that will return how the graph is showing

      I have attached my workbook and data.

      I want to keep the action filters and normal filters because I want to be able to multi select. 


      I don't want the annoying "All" string. I want it so for example both Female and Male, I should get a return of "Female and Male" instead of "All"


      With the photo below as an example, I should get  Something like

      "The Graph show the sales from both Female and Male in Shanghai, New York and LA using DHL, FedEx and UPS"

      But this is what I get in the textbox.

      I don't want multiple sentences. It should be just one sentence

      Please help me.


      I've tried using CASE for Dimension or Paramater

      I tried both Or and Both



      Not sure what to Do please help.