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    How to get the value of a field when only its position/index is known?

    Garima Vohra



      I am trying to do quartile chart for which i have 3 functions for 3 quartiles so far :


      25thQ = Total(Count(ItemCode)*0.25  result 251

      50thQ = Total(Count(ItemCode)*0.50 result 502

      75thQ= Total(Count(ItemCode)*0.75  result 702


      Now, I need to show the "time to complete" (this is a field in days e.g. 10 days, 15 days) for the items whose positions i found above from the quartile calculations. How do I pull the value of a field(time to complete) for an item for which i know only its position number or index number?


      Again, I want to display the value of "time to complete" for the 251st, 502th and 702th item in my data. What function or calculation can i use?