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    Drill up to Country From State Drill Down


      Hi All,


      I figured out how to use a drill down option from clicking on a state to get down to the zip code level. Is there an action I can create that will bring me back to my State source sheet with all of the states in view?


      I attached a screenshot of my zip code level view on Montana for example. What I'm trying to say is that is there a way to click off of anywhere on montana to take me back to all 50 state view on my States tab? Thanks!

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          Joe Oppelt

          Create an action from your zip-code sheet to your first sheet.  But don't pass any variables.  Click "Selected field" but don't add any fields in the list.


          Here's an edit box for one of the actions where I do something like that:



          Mine is using a little sheet called "Return to Main" that looks like an icon.  But you can do it directly from your zip code sheet the same way.


          Notice that I have all my sheets selected on the target dashboard.  That's not really necessary.  Any sheet on that dashboard will do.