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    Need Data that is shown in Tooltips to show in Crosstab

    Pamela Lee

      Hi There!  I'm working on a crosstab where I need to find a percentage by dividing one total by another total.  I have tried to do this, to no avail, but the precise data that I need is shown in the Tool Tips.


      In the screenshot below, I need the count of items for the each distinct Full Name value, circled in red as 14 items selected - 14 is one of the numbers I need,  as well as the Sum of ATTR, also circled in red with a sum of 3.  I need to divide 3 by 14 to get my percentage for that person.  There are more people on this report for which I will need to find this percentage, I just cropped the image to show one for illustration purposes.  


      Does anyone know how can I get these numbers shown in Tool Tips into my crosstab?