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    Secondary Data source in my worksheet?

    Greg Mooney

      I have a worksheet that is only using 1 data source (that I know of) and it should only be one.


      When I look at my Data source tab on the left of the worksheet I see another one of my data sources has the orange check mark next to it, indicating that it is the secondary data source for this worksheet.


      I do not know how it got applied and would like to know how I can figure out which dimension or measure (or anything else like parameters, etc.) might be in the workbook?



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          Sasha Hanna

          Hi Greg,

          Have you tried closing the secondary datasource? If you are indeed using fields from it, it will give you a warning telling you that closing it may break sheets in your workbook.



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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning Greg

            I'd have to see the tebx workbook to be sure but is there any chance you had a workbook open when opened you new data source?


            Just click on the second data source and it the dimensions and measures will show up



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              Ritesh Bisht

              Hi Greg ,


              1) Check for the Blended columns  (red mark below )


              Screenshot 2018-11-07 at 11.00.42 PM.png


              2) Check for the Orange mark as below (Sum(saes) on RHS)



              Screenshot 2018-11-07 at 11.01.01 PM.png  



              You must be having at-least one  Orange field from the Secondary data-source.

              You see orange only when you drag something from secondary DS so please check for the same



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