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    Default filter to last record - able to change filter later

    Gudo van Roest

      Dear all,


      I have a user who wants the sheets in his dashboard filtered to the last week when opening  the dashboard. He also wants to be able to filter to different weeks when the dashboard is open. The snag that I have is that I am not able to use the standard date fields of Tableau. This is because we need to use European week numbers and Tableau uses American by default. Using this formula (INT((Datepart('dayofyear', (dateadd('day',INT(datediff('day', #1900-1-01#, [Actual Goods Movement Date])/7)*7 + 3,#1900-1-01#))) + 6)/7) ) I am able to convert to the correct week. Because this is a numeric field, instead of a date field, I lose the option to check the 'default filter latest date field' box in the filter options.


      Does anyone know a workaround where I can default to the last (european) weeknumber, but still have the option to select other weeknumbers later?