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    Renaming and Deleting Public Views on Server Dashboard

    Gari Oucke

      I have two questions regarding workbooks hosted on Tableau Server. I would appreciate anyone's help on confirming some of the feature limitations on custom views. Let's assume that there is a workbook that is accessible to a large number of users and which has a small admin team that occasionally updates it.


      First, I see that it is possible to set certain custom views to be visible to the public. This is a useful feature for selecting certain common use cases or demonstrating features of the workbook. However, I do not see a way for a site admin to edit, delete, or rename custom views that were created by another member of the admin team. I believe this may become a problem in a situation where due to some change in circumstance the public view becomes outdated or otherwise needs to be changed, but the admin who created that view cannot be contacted to make the change. Is there a workaround that allows for the deletion or editing of public custom views? Would removing the creator from admin status remove the view from "public" status perhaps?


      Second, is there any way to rename the "default" view? Assuming there is some logic to what was selected, "default" is not very descriptive.


      Thank you.