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    How to show stacked bar char with multiple legendswhen I select the value from the parameter

    Amar Amar


      I'm trying to achieve one use case, attached the workbook.


      When i select show which is ship mode as the parameter, when i select First Class , then show only First class sales which i achieved, when i select Same Day , it is showing same day sales, and where i struck is : when i select First Class Same Day from the parameter, in the same worksheet I need to show sales by color legend (basically stacked bar chart) . Is that possible? Please advice.


      From the parameter , when i select:

      First class:

      Blue legend with sales


      Same Say

      Orange Legend with sales:



      To achieve Combined sales in stacked color legends:

      First Class Same Day


      I need to show the sales in a stacked bar char and their respective legends. (blue and orange)


      Please let me know .