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    Include charts and filters in a web page

    Nicolas MARTIN



      I have a Tableau worbook that contains:

      - several charts and tables

      - a huge amount of possible filters


      I have so many filters I have to put them all on a specific sheet and the users have to switch sheet every time they want to change the filter.


      What I would like to do is to create an HTML file that contains my charts and my filters.

      But I don't want a huge iframe containting the whole workbook.

      I would like like to have a nice web page in which I insert my elements 1 by 1, where I want.

      I would be able to create a nice presentation to display the filters (with dynamic show/hide).


      I don't succeed to add 2 elements in my web page and make them have an interaction (ie. if I make a selection on 1, it updates the others).

      Does anyone know how I can achieve this?


      - Insert multiple elements in the same web page.

      - Selection on an element triggers the update of all others elements.



      I've found a way to create myself the filters in HTML and use "applyFilterAsync", but it's not a solution I would choose:

      - I don't know in advance the values of my filter, so I have to add interactions to retreive all possible values

      - I don't want to create the whole "search" feature