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    "Group By" in Tableau

    Ryan Schultz

      I am attempting to group data similar to how you would with a "Group By" function in SQL.  I am attempting to use the group feature in tableau but am not getting the desired result.  I have 4 fields on sheet 1 in the attached file: Time, Tank_1_Recipe_Stage, Batch, Tank_1_NP_7_Total.  What I want to see is the last record for each Recipe_Stage in each batch.  In addition, If the Tank_1_NP_7_Total value is the same as the previous Recipe_Stage, I would like it io return a value of 0.  I am attaching the tableau file as well as an excel workbook with the desired result.   Any help is very much appreciated. 

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          Deepak Rai

          Hi Ryan,

          Not sure about your 2nd Requirement but first is here:

          You need to use a last Statement and make it restart each Batch



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            Michael Gillespie

            This might help, Ryan.  it's a question of thinking about it in Tableau's vocabulary rather than in SQL.


            Tableau - Similar function to SQL Group by - Stack Overflow

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              Ryan Schultz


              Thank you for having a look.  The data that you used for your calculation is actually my desired output.  I attached 2 files, the other file contains the dataset.  

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                Joe Oppelt

                This would be easy with LODs.  But you have that Batch table calc in there, and you've cut off your access to LODs because of it.


                And I notice that you have the time field first.  Is the positional order of the pills on ROWS crucial?

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                  Ryan Schultz

                  I have seen this.  Thank you.  Part of my problem (and I could be wrong) seems to be that I am trying to group by a calculated field rather than a dimension.  I don't know if this is possible, or what the workaround is. 

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                    Ryan Schultz

                    The position isn't crucial to me.  However, it seems that the position matters to the calculated field "Batch" . That I have created.  I'm still pretty new to tableau so I'm really struggling through this project right now.  What are LOD's?

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                      Joe Oppelt

                      What is [Batch] doing?  (In a sentence.  Not in calc code.)  Maybe we can replace it with LOD.  At a minimum though, if I understood what it was doing, I could help you with table calc settings so that position on ROWS won't matter.

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                        Ryan Schultz

                        This is raw data coming out of an irrigation system. Each batch consists of some combination of Recipe_Stages.  The data doesn't have the concept of a batch in it.  What I am trying to accomplish is grouping the data  so that each time the tank begins filling (A change from Recipe_Stage 0 to Recipe_Stage 1) a new batch is created.  I want to know how much of each ingredient was injected into the tank during each batch, which would be the last value of each Recipe_Stage for each Batch . Hopefully that makes sense.  Please let me know what else I can provide.  Thank you for taking the time to help. 

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                          Joe Oppelt

                          And what constitutes the last value in a recipe?  The highest date-time stamp?  (Ditto the first value -- the lowest?)


                          Can there be multiple values for batch in a given recipe step?  If so, what delineates a change in batch within a recipe step?

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                            Ryan Schultz

                            The last value in any Recipe_Stage would be the last time stamp before a change in Recipe_Stage.    The Recipe_Stages are repeated over and over though out the day which is why I'm trying to group them into batches.  So, Batch 1 could have Recipe_Stages 0,1,2,3,4,8,16... Batch 2 could have Recipe_Stages 0,1,2,4,5,8,16... and so on.  Recipe_Stage 0 is when the system is sitting idle, which it returns to between every batch.  Recipe_Stage 1 is the tank filling. Recipe_Stages 2-7 are when various ingredients are being injected into the tank, Recipe_Stage 8 is the Dispense Stage.  So I am saying that every time the Recipe_Stage changes from 0 (Idle) to 1 (Tank Fill) that constitutes the beginning of a new batch. 

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                              Ryan Schultz

                              The reason  I am looking for the last value in each Recipe_Stage is because that value will reflect the final state of the batch before moving onto the next stage. 

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                                Michael Gillespie

                                this is sounding more and more like a problem that needs to be solved first at the data level before we apply Tableau to it. There is a lot of grouping and sorting and categorizing going on.


                                Have you tried to use Prep to make some sense of the data first?


                                Michael Gillespie


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                                  Joe Oppelt

                                  So you're saying that as time goes along, the recipe changes.  And all the time stamps within a recipe step constitute that step.  And in a given day, we could hit that same recipe step several times.

                                  If you had just one more field -- such as [Iteration] -- this would be easy.


                                  Is there any chance of adding something to the data for that?

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                                    Ryan Schultz

                                    I have actually already solved this problem in Alteryx.  I attempted to do this in prep but it seems a little more limited in its capability than Alteryx.  I was hoping Tableau could handle it, so that I could have a dashboard that updated in real time.  However,  as I am researching this problem, I have been coming to the same conclusion.  If I could solve this in Prep, is it possible  to schedule those workflows to update the tableau workbook regularly, without the need for some additional license? 

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