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    error occured while loading the data source hortonworks hive and excel

    Sivanagaraju Gadiparthi

      I am currently working on a workbook with 4 data sources (some purely on Hortonworks Hive and some mix of both hive and excel). Please find my environment details below and help me with the issue 


      Tableau Desktop Version: 2018.1.2

      Excel file is under "Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources"

      All Data sources are Extracts


      It was working fine until last week and now, when I open the workbook and click on Data sources, it is giving an error as "Errors occurred while loading the data source". when I close the error and try to click on Data sources, asking my credentials to Hortonworks hive and after I enter, it displays "Processing Request - Executing Query" from almost 15 minutes Elapsed time and still running.