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    Implementing Trusted Authentication (Solution)

    Gregory Upton

      1) Users are prompted to login to Tableau when viewing an embedded dashboard within a web application.

      2) If they close their browser, start a different browser session, or let the Tableau cookie expire, they will be prompted to login again.

      3) Throughout the day, you could potentially be prompted to login multiple times when trying to view dashboards. This quickly becomes annoying and tiresome.

      Tableau offers a solution called "Trusted Authentication" which bypasses the manual login process. After a week of debugging and troubleshooting, I was able to accomplish this. I wanted to share my knowledge on how I accomplished this in hope to help others if they faced the same issues as I did.

      I have answered the question here:   https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53192718/how-to-implement-tableau-trusted-authentication?answertab=active#tab-top