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    Color coding again

    Faiz MH

      Hi Tableau Experts,


      I have a problem with creating color coding for my data. I intend to do something like the below however could not get something closer to it. I guess this is due to my inexperience.


      Expected output:

      Green square - data available

      Orange square - not tested

      Brown square - data not available



      Existing output:


      I only managed to do the following and I know this is not right. I tried to look at some examples in the forum but could not find any closer to my problem. Hope someone here can help.


      Attached here is my package file.


      Thank you.

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          Hello Faiz MH


          I think this is happening because of the shape of the data.

          What I mean by this is the empty cells you are trying to find with the ISNULL calculation won't work because there is no data to assign 'orange' to.

          In your data set, every row has a value.

          If you would like to encode/colour data which is not there with a calculation, you will need to create a dummy field for these, for example adding rows for each combination that doesn't have data:




          I have recreated (I think) what you are after by editing the raw data and changing the calculation to include references now in the raw data.


          Attached is the workbook but also the excel file with the new rows highlighted yellow.


          I hope this helps,



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            Hey Faiz,


            Hope you got answer from this link, please mark correct and close this thread.


            To check data status

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              Faiz MH

              Hi Alison and Venkatram,


              Thank you for your reply.


              The raw data(not real) that I had is actually from a database and it's LIVE data. I have difficulty of figuring how to construct the plot and dashboard based on that because as mentioned, every row has a value and the problem in this case remained with for instance for product Dubai Air, FinAir, Malindo, etc did not go through Systest1. It's similar case of Systest4 as well. Is there any way I can do this(to get below result) from live/extract data?  Or is it possible to probably auto create dummy field on this dataset.


              With the excel from Alison and method recommended by Venkatram, I am able to get the desired plot as below:



              Thank you.

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                Faiz MH

                Hi Tableau Experts,


                I also tried the following calc field and I guess it's good in identifying NoData. In my case, I have NoData and Not Tested as well. How can I create another condition for Not Test.



                Thank you.

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                  Shinichiro Murakami

                  Still not sure about the difference between "No Data" and Not Tested".

                  Only the difference I see is SYSTEST1 has data or not.


                  So the expected formula is like this?





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                    Faiz MH



                    It works!! Many thanks.


                    The "NoData" actually referring to no test data available for a certain product while the "Not Tested" is whereby certain products is not subjected to the test for example in this case SysTest1. I just read an old post(by Zhouyi Zhang) and realised that in my case, for the "Not Tested" category, there is no raw data populated and it's just that when we drag the Product and Parametric field, we noticed it as if there is row of data. I guess this is what Alison trying by including the dummy field.


                    It's a good learning experience from you guys. Again, thanks a lot!!

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                      Shinichiro Murakami

                      Glad that I cold help.