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    Display Quarter Goals when Quarter Data is null – 10.4

    John Rivett

      I have a dual axis—one pill with targets and the other with actuals. I want all the quarterly goals to display for each quarter even when there is no actual data for that quarter.


      The quarterly goals do not reside in our database. I was using parameters but they won’t display if there is no actual data for a quarter. I have an Excel file with the quarterly targets (Targets.xlsx) and am blending on the year field to my secondary data source (the actuals). The pill with the actual counts normally pull from a live Oracle connection, but here I have a sample file in Excel (ShowMonthsDATAsetCase.xlsx). The actuals have a count of 128 records for the first quarter, but it replicates across all the remaining quarters. It should only display the 128 for Q1 and nothing for the remaining quarters. Once we move into Q2--or the remaining quarters--I want a running count across the quarters (previous quarters are added onto the subsequent quarter). I’ve tried the running total table calc but that only duplicates Q1 three more times. I need a way to associate the actual gift to its corresponding quarter.


      Note: Our fiscal year runs Oct to Sept but Tableau displays our Q1 as Q4. I’m in Tableau 10.4.