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    Year to Date and Rest of Year measures changed based on filter's choice

    simone magagnini

      Hi everyone!


      I am struggle with a problem I think is a very simple/easy fix but need help from the gurus out here!


      I have 4 graphs in tableau (picture and data attached) the first bit on the left shows data YTD and the ones on the right shows Rest of Year (ROY)


      The current data is for October2018 and the values for the bar chart is running sum for each measure...the actual file connected to Tableau is a master file with snapshots of different reporting months (Oct/Sep/Aug/July) - I have attached excel file for Oct and Sept.


      User wants to change the reporting month filter - let’s say to September and want the graphs to show YTD up to September and ROY from October on.


      Creating a single graph somehow impacts in the run rate … I created a parameter and calculated field to identify number of months left based on filters but somehow it is not working.


      thanks in advance!!!


      Any ideas? Tablea graph.png