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    How to remove redundant dates?

    Anita Lee

      When trying to pivot on date as a discrete value, what I get is a lot of redundant dates - October 28, 2018 shows up 4 times like so:




      This presents a problem as I'm doing a table calculation down the table and the null values are not in fact null, just under a different date column.


      That redundant dates go away when I change to continuous, but the issue there is I need to add in month. Further, if I convert to chart form (which is what is ultimately needed), the view gets splintered:




      How do I remove the redundant dates?

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          Paul Wachtler

          Hi Anita,


          Can you take a screenshot of what your rows, columns, filter, and marks cards all look like?  That will help me to understand why the dates are duplicating.


          For your last comment, your view splits like that when you turn it into a line chart because you have both month and day as two separate pills on your Columns shelf.  If you need it at the day level, remove month, and vice versa.