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    Tableau Prep Scheduling and Tableau Server

    John Magrini

      Hi there,

      I am trying to sort out what scheduling looks like with Tableau Prep on Tableau Server. I know about the command line scheduling available here: Save and Share Tableau Prep Work - Tableau

      What I want to do is use a .bat file to trigger a Tableau Prep flow and then publish the output to my Tableau Server as a data source. It looks like you can do this based on the documentation. I've tried it but have not gotten it to work with my Tableau Server because I am using Tableau Server 2018.1 and Tableau Prep 2018.3. Let me know if it should still work in that case because then I will need to troubleshoot some more.


      Is this going to be the only way to schedule flows going forward or is there a server option for Tableau Prep coming in the future that doesn't require command line scheduling/.bat files and would this be an additional cost or a separate license for a company already employed Tableau Server?