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    Migrate workbooks, datasource, etc.. by environment on Tableau Online

    Simon AUBERT



      We can find informations about migration in an-premise case.


      This wonderful post https://www.tableau.com/about/blog/2016/4/migrating-tableau-workbooks-and-datasources-across-projects-sites-and-servers is just an example (an helpful example I have to say).
      Basically, the idea is to get several servers and to move files from one to another.

      However I didn't find anything when one uses Tableau Online. Basically, how do you segretate, manage the different environment (several sub-sites??) ? What do you use? Does it cause issue with Tableau Bridge?


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          Sasha Hanna

          Hi Simon,

          The best way to automate the migration of content will be Tabmigrate (as you may have seen in that post). It will output an excel spreadsheet of the content it cannot move over with helpful indications of what might throw the errors. It could be a change in user names, embedded datasource, etc. and you will have to troubleshoot through those individually. Sometimes you might have to publish some workbooks manually. It should not cause any issues with Tableau Bridge.

          Let me know if this helps.