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    Server/User filter giving users a blank screen

    Caite Stevens

      I'm really hoping someone can help with this, because this issue is causing me all kinds of grief.


      I finally broke down and decided to use Tableau's built-in User Filter (in the SERVER menu) to handle my kind-of-complex security needs.


      The filter works great on my computer - it tests great (when I toggle through employee users) and it works on my computer when I log in as myself or as other employees.


      But it doesn't work for employees on their computers. They see the title of the dashboard, then all white below, as if the data is being hidden from them. And if I log in as myself on an employee computer, I get the same - no data. Yes, we've tried other browsers. We've compared IE settings. We've tried different physical office locations. But the issue remains - logging in to my physical computer (or my home computer), security works great. Log into any employee computer, and it's a bust. My computer may differ from employee computers in terms of setup b/c I'm an admin and I'm kind of left to my own devices, so I'm guessing there's some weird setting somewhere that's blocking access.


      Interestingly, if I use a table for user security, I don't run into this problem. I don't use tables because I've never figured out how to get the configuration right.


      Has anyone seen this before?