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    Tableau Desktop :: 'Paste' (Cmd+V) action is disabled for Dashboard extensions

    Andrii Rubtsov


      I am one of the developers of this extension: https://extensiongallery.tableau.com/products/37

      Neither I nor my colleagues are not able to Paste (Cmd+V on Mac) into text fields within our dashboard extensions. Even though 'Paste' item from context menu works fine.

      It is not a big deal, but I have to do it many times a day and it became quite an annoying inconvenience. What is more important, our users have the same problem.


      I wonder what causes this behavior and what whether we as developers are able to fix that or it is a global issue?


      Only reproduced on Tableau Desktop. I have tried 2018.2 and 2018.3 versions.

      Tableau Server does not have this problem.


      Would appreciate any help.