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    Query LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server with tableau?

    Jens Hesse

      Dear community,


      I’m not yet a tableau-user and have only just signed up to this community.

      Parallel to downloading/testing tableau, I’d like to pose the following question to the community:


      Does anybody know if it’s possible or even has own experience with connecting tableau to LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server?


      LucaNet-Help and also for example this website (https://lucanet.co.uk/business-intelligence/) says that it can be integrated to BI-solutions using access via MDX-Statements or XMLA/ODBO. I have only very rough idea about these – am only beginning to learn and go deeper into BI-subjects. But I’d like to make sure that I can query our LucaNet-System kind of “directly” (i. e. the OLAP-Server itself) from within the to-come BI-/Dashboarding-Solution and not to have to export all LucaNet-data to a RDBMS in order to do so.


      Thank you for any hints on this.


      Best regards

      Jens Hesse