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    Number of records not equal to all records (data source)

    Joeri Matthijssen



      Today I encountered a strange bug in one of our datasources (IBM Netezza connection)

      When creating a daily extract, we are missing a lot of data.


      Looking at our data we have opened a live connection in Tableau desktop, and our data source return 4# rows only in the data pane.

      When checking the data on a sheet, it return 6# records which is correct, but the view data still only shows 4# data rows.


      Creating an extract return only the 4# rows, but we must have 6# rows in total.

      What could be happening here?, because I have turned off all other filters on creating an extract.

      The issue seems to be somewhere else, as full data shows less records then working in Tableau it self.


      ps. cannot share the datasource due to company info.