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    Text tables cropped using query view PDF

    Marc Daudier



      I'm facing a issue while generating a PDF from a table with 8 columns and 1 mark

      I only see the first columns, the other are cropped by the last column with is put on the middle of the page.


      I'm using Tableau Server 2018.2

      The pdf renders in landscape, using this trick Re: How do I generate a PDF with landscape orientation from a URL?


      My view on Tableau Server look like this:


      The PDF generated by https://<host>/api/3.1/sites/<site_id>/views/<view_id>/pdf looks like this:

      I've just highlighted the hidden content on the right. the columns are there,but not visible.

      The column header aren't visible too.

      Is there a parameter to adjust the width of the pdf?



      I've got the same issue on Query view Image,unless i set the "resolution": image?image-resolution=high

      Same result when i set the "size" on the Tableau Server Url:  DISP-Ville-Nbplacs.pdf?:size=1900,1080