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    Stacked Bar Chart - series with all data zeros

    Martin Bohlmann

      I've created a few stacked bar charts with the help of posts in this forum.  Now I have run into an odd behavior with some charts.  When the data is all zeros for both series and all data points in a row, the chart insists on plotting a series of zero data points as in the image below.


      The green rectangle plots have a mix of zero and non-zero data points. (zeros, not NULL values)

      For the red circles both series and all data points are zeros.  I would expect these to not appear, similar to the series in the green rectangle.

      Example data set is below along with some settings. 




      Div id 13 plots a red 'zero' line across the X axis. (2nd red ellipse in image above)

      Div id 14 plots correctly, no red line in last series on X axis.  (1st row in the green rectangle)

      Other data series follow this pattern. As long as there is a non-zero value in at least one data point in one series the plots are correct.  If all data points in both series are zeros then the red dashes show up in plot.


      DateDiv idDLP_HSDLP_LS


      With Axis settings this way the odd behavior occurs.


      With Axis settings this way the red dashes for the all zero series is not there.


      We don't want uniform axis range because this is meant to be a Stacked 'Spark Bar' chart.  The data series are relative to the row itself and should not be compared to other rows. Similar to a spark line but we are attempting to show 2 series.


      Thanks in advance for your suggestions.