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    How to design data sets when using large number of records

    James Frick

      I am a novice with Tableau.  I am trying to determine how to configure data sets for Tableau.  My source is an MS SQL database.


      1.  How do you handle data set splitting when there are multiple levels of data?  Couldn't end up with many data sets?  For example, we have the following hierarchy of info with record counts:


         Region - 10

         Market - 55

         Company - 6,000

         Contacts - 150,000


      Our users typically analyze each month counts, by region, market and company, looking for the top companies in a specific market to focus on and then look at the contacts for those companies.  The facts number in the 60 million range for the last 3 years.  If we limit ourselves to only the last 3 months, we would have 10 million facts.  We think we need to build a summary table at the company level with summary metrics for the facts.  Our fields at the summary level are about 21 columns.


      So do we build a data set per market and company with company level summations?


      2.  Once having picked out maybe the top 5 companies for a specific region, how do we drill from a company to the individuals of that company?


      I am not sure if I am using the correct terminology.  Please correct me if I am not.


      Thanks for any thoughts.