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    Which subscription to I need? Viewer or Explorer? Server or Online?

    kate petry

      I need some assistance in knowing if I should upgrade from desktop to server or online but also which subscription we should consider, Viewer or Explorer licensing. Here's my issue: I need to allow school users to view sensitive data but not be able to view other district data. I analyze data for almost 300 school districts but not all those districts need to see my analysis. We select up to 5% of these districts each year to work with on specific issues so I'd only have district viewers and state level staff needing to access this data, so maybe 30-50 people total. Based on what I read I may need Viewer licensing for these people? But what I read also says I need a minimum for 100 viewers. How does that work? How can I share with my users confidential level data without spending a fortune and knowing that the people that need to see and interact with this data each year may change?


      Also, I do not make the decisions on what we can purchase but I'm charged with finding the most economical solution that allows us the ability share sensitive data.