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    Creating a dynamic lookup view to compare data?

    Drew H

      Hi all,


      This group has been so helpful thus far, thought I'd throw in one more head scratcher for me in hopes someone can solve it.


      I have data like the below (excel attached as well) where we have a total of 29 brands, AAA, BBB, CCC, and a:z. Each one has a value, in column K below.


      But the highlighted priority brands (AAA/BBB/CCC) have comparable brands we want to measure it against, which are listed out in columns B:J. So for example, Brand AAA has comparables a, b, c, d, and e, and so forth. None of the Non-Priority brands have comps.

      Sampl e2.png


      My question: How would one structure the data in tableau to get an output where you can view the Values (in column K) for 1) a specific brand, and 2) all of it's comparable brands, if applicable?


      So for the below, I would filter to just show Brand AAA. That data would appear showing "49" as its value, as well as the values for all of its comps (a:e). The same could be done for BBB and its comps q:u, as well as say brand x and no comps (since it has none).




      I imagine it would maybe be some sort of index, with multiple sheets forming a dashboard perhaps? Aside from that I don't even know where to start honestly.


      Another option would be to maybe consolidate some data for ease of use (e.g in Alteryx). Using Tableau 10.2


      Eternally grateful for any help. Happy to clarify as needed as well!