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    Dynamic Title based on Multi Select Filter

    Ann Engel

      I have an Excel spreadsheet that is used for a daily report out, that includes data for date, current month, and YTD.  The goal is to end the year at 97% or higher, so tracking percentage is important to report on.


      How do I go about adding the percentage data in the worksheet/dashboard I have created...or is there a better way to show this? 


      Thanks in advance!

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          Jennifer VonHagel

          Hi Ann,


          It would be helpful if you could attach a .twbx workbook so we have a better idea of how your views are set up.  From your screenshot, it looks like you can add your measure to the table a second time, click the right dropdown box on the second measure pill, and do a Quick Table Calculation for % of Total, Compute Using > Table down.


          Hope this helps,