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    Calculating "age distribution" stats -- average, standard deviation, etc.?

    Morgan James

      Hi All!


      I believe I have a pretty basic ask.


      I know how to calculate "average age" and "standard deviation" for the age distribution of a population in Excel, but I can't seem to figure out the correct equation or process in Tableau?


      I've attached a workbook with the age range of a populace "18-99" and the counts/volume for each of those ages.


      The two worksheets show the values and a histogram illustrating the distribution.


      1. I want to create a calculated field that I can place in the "Label" for "Average Age" of the particular cut of the populace displayed. I say particular cut, because if I decide to "cluster," I then want it to show the "average age" for that cluster and so forth.
      2. Is there a way to calculate the standard deviation as well?