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    Multiple values for one variable

    Joost Valk

      Dear all,


      I am struggeling with a data problem. For a research I'm dowloading data from a datasource. In this data source one of the variables is the sectors that companies are active in. for example:


      2Biotechnology,Medical: Pharmaceuticals
      3Biotechnology,Medical: Pharmaceuticals
      4Biotechnology,Internet / ecommerce
      5Biotechnology,Medical: Pharmaceuticals
      8Biotechnology,Medical: Pharmaceuticals
      10Biotechnology,Medical: Pharmaceuticals,Services (other),Services (other),Services (other),Services (other)


      In this data set the amount of sectors a company is active in can be up to 15 different sectors. In my story board I want to be able to filter on these sectors sepperatly. However, Tableau reads these values as one string of text. I can split the cell into the seperate variables (by seperating on the comma), but I do not know how to tell Tableau to still read them as one variable with muliple values. So in this example, I would like to filter on Medical: Pharmaceuticals so that the rest of my story board will update its calculations to contain only the companies that are active in Medical: Pharmaceuticals. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've included a dummy data set, hope it helps.