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    Show the difference between two bars in a bar chart out of two different columns in the source data

    Moritz Schubert

      Dear Community,


      I want to compare sales (EXF) vs demand (TMD) for a given time period of multiple products in a bar chart. Visualizing EXF vs TMD per Product in a bar chart was no issue at all in tableau. However, so far I did not manage to show the difference between the two bars (EXF & TMD) which are stored in different columns/fields of my data source.



      How can I realize the visualization of the difference similar than in the attached thinkcell example? Can anyone guide me on this?


      I am aware of the following thread, where another user faced a very similar situation. However, I was not able to adapt the solution given in this thread to my needs as my EXF is stored in a different column than TMD. Besides that I tried to solve my issue by using a calculated field that contains the net difference between EXF & TMD. Unfortunately I was not able to include this field in a meaningful way  in the graph (as in the thinkcell example).


      Many thanks!