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    Not able to map future Actual Values in the Burndown chart

    Vibhuti Verma




      I have a Burndown chart which contains Planned Remaining and Actua Remaining lines in a Dual axis chart. The tasks are divided Sprint-wise i.e. from Sprint 1 to Sprint 4.

      Based on the Resolved date, I determine in which Sprint, it was actually completed in. This count is then subtracted from the Sprint total to identify the Actual Remaining count.

      Problem - If a task is Planned for Sprint 1 and is completed in Sprint 1, then it shows up properly when the Sprint filter is applied. But if a task is planned for Sprint 3 and is completed in Sprint 1, and I filter out using Sprint 1, the Actual value doesn't reflect perfectly.

      It still counts Actual tasks completed only from those who are planned for Sprint 1.


      This is messing up my chart.

      Any help will be appreciated.