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    Top N vs client

    soni s

      I have a requirement of Top N sort vs the client. Regardless of if the client is in Top N or not, it should show on the view and other column should show Top N competition.


      I created a set of Top N and added it on filter but if the client is not in Top N, it filters out. Can someone tell me how to always display a client and other column should display Top N.


      sample worbook attached.




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          Michel Caissie



          You can create a parameter for the  client selection. (Add from field  Customer Name)

          And create the following filter and keep the true value.

          [Customer Name] = [Select Customer]  or [Top Customers by Profit]


          You can keep the Top Customer set on the Rows at the left  and hide it , if you want to keep the selected patient below the top N.

          The only drawback, is if new customers are added to the dataset you will have to manually repopulate the parameter.

          If this is not an option, you can always put two sheets in a dashboard, one for the Top N and one for the  selected customer.



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            Joe Oppelt

            Don't do the sets.

            In the attached I made a RANK calc to rank profits.  (See [Rank Profits].)


            Using that calc, I made another calc to display profits only for the top 5 customers.  See [Top 5 Profits].


            I have it on the sheet in two places -- in the measure values list, and on the details shelf.  The one on the details shelf I changed to DISCRETE (blue pill.)  Drag it to the front of the list on the ROWS shelf to see tableau sort the sheet by RANK.


            See attached.

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              soni s

              Thank you very much.

              This helped me.